Treatments Price Per Treatment 
E-Light IPL Laser
Hair Removal (**NB: Important to be consistent with treatments between 4 – 6 weeks & depends on hair growth to see proven results. Visit Treatment page for more info on before and after care)
Upper Lip R 210
Chin R 210
Under Arm R 460
Full Face R 690
Hollywood R 890
Bikini R 650
Full Arm R 990
Full Leg R 1200
1/2 Leg below the knee R 580
1/2 Leg Above the knee R 650
Back/Chest R 1200
Hand (between elbow to wrist) R 460
Knuckles R 210
Other IPL Treatments
Black Doll Carbon Gel Laser R 680
Radio Frequency (Skin Tightening) per 30 mins treatment R 750
Age Spots (3 shots)** R 450
Age Spots additional: per shot** R 150
Sun Spots (3 shots)** R 450
Sun Spots additional: per shot** R 150
Chemical Peels
RegimA Peels 30%  R 630
RegimA Peels 50% R 680
RegimA Acne Peel R 630
RegimA Double Whammy Acne Attack Peel R 850
Lamelle Peel Beta Peel (15%) R 650
Lamelle Peel Beta Peel (20%) R 680
Lamelle Peel Beta Peel (30%) R 730
Lamelle Peel Beta Plus Peel (Acne) R 670
TCA Peel R 1500
Specialise Deep Cleanse  R 580
Facial massage R 350
Microdermabrasion Full Face R 680
Microdermabrasion Full Face & Neck R 790
Tattoo Removal
Per half hour R 790
Eyelines (1ml) from** R 790
Cheek (1ml) from** R 790
Upper Lip (1ml) from** R 790
Forehead (1ml) from** R 790
Full Face R 980
Hyaluronic Flash Filler R 890
Plasma Pen from *(price is based on section of face or neck) R 280
Body Massage per half hour R 350
Head Neck and shoulder massage per half hour R 350
Skin Tightening (RF) Package 3 sessions
(30 mins per session)
R 1900
Skin Pigmentation Treatment 1 (60 minutes)
Skin Preparation
Lamelle Peel
Moisturiser & Sun Screen
Facial, Neck & Shoulder Massage
**Subject to consultation and sensitivity of skin
R 1900
Skin Pigmentation Post Treatment 2 (45 minutes)
Skin Preparation
Moisturiser & Sun Screen
Facial, Neck & Shoulder Massage
**Subject to consultation and sensitivity of skin
R 1200
Skin Acne Buster (75 minutes)
Skin Preparation
Double Whammy Acne Attack
Moisturiser & Sun Screen
Facial, Neck & Shoulder Massage
Recommended Products: (optional) view product price list
Lamelle Clarity Range
RegimA Acne Range
R 1350
Skin Acne Buster Post Treatment (45 minutes)
Skin Preparation
Moisturiser & Sun Screen
Facial, Neck & Shoulder Massage
R 1200
Skin Aging Treatment (90 minutes)
Skin Preparation
Radio Frequency or
Hyaluronic Flash Filler
Moisturiser & Sun Screen
Facial, Neck & Shoulder Massage
R 1600
Relaxing Dreamy Garden Spa (2 hours)
Deep Cleanse Facial
Facial Massage
Head Neck and Shoulder Massage
Eyebrow Shape
Microdermabrasion additional R650 or
Chemical Peel per prices above or
Enjoy fresh snack plate and Hot or Cold Beverages
Enjoy the serenity
R 1500
**Priced on consultation
*Requires consultation
** Prices are subject to change. Please confirm current prices when making a booking



Clarity / AcnevelleCodeVolume Retail (Incl) 
Clarity Active CleanseCLA006125ml R           240
Clarity Corrective AM CLA00250ml R           580
Clarity Corrective PM Plus CLA00350ml R           680
Clarity Active ControlCLA0079ml R           130
Clarity Travel PackCLA0054x10ml R           475
Clarity Body SprayCLA008100ml R           410
AcnevelleACN00160 Caps R           290
Dermaheal Home Care Range : Anti Ageing
Foaming cleanserDER001125ml R           260
Eye regeneration PLUS creamDER00620ml R           760
Ageing neck reversal serumDER00830ml R           815
Cellular repair creamDER01150ml R           870
Renewal creamDER01250ml R        1 095
Ultra Renewal CreamDER01350ml R        1 785
Luminesce Home Care Range: pigmentation
Luminesce Brightening Cleanse LUM008125ml R           240
Luminesce Brightening Defence 30LUM00270ml R           510
Luminesce Brighter Day LUM00350ml R           840
Luminesce Evening Glow LUM00450ml R           995
Luminesce  Travel packLUM0064x10ml R           515
Nourish: Anti-age
Nourish Daily Cleanse NOR001150ml R           270
Nourish Revitalise Cream NOR00250ml R           635
Nourish Revitalise Lite NOR00350ml R           525
Nourish Revitalise EyeNOR00415ml R           635
Nourish Multi-Active Sun 30NOR00670ml R           520
Nourish Rescue Repair GelNOR005100ml R           445
Serra: Dry atopic skin
Serra Cleansing GelSER001125ml R           210
Serra Restore Cream SER00250ml R           515
Serra Soothing Cream SER00350ml R           695
Serra Lipid Recovery Mask SER00470ml R           475
Serra Body LotionSER005250ml R           325
Correctives Home Care Range
Brighter ConcentrateCOR00130ml R        1 100
Hydrating HA PLUS COR00630ml R           680
Cathepzyme 1 COR00330ml R           575
Cathepzyme 2COR00430ml R           575
Recharge CE complexCOR00530ml R           830
RA CreamCOR00750ml R           795
Intensive GF SerumCOR00930ml R           830
Vita C LipidCOR01230ml R           849
Vita C30 COR01330ml R           945
RA 3.0COR01030ml R           780
RA 5.0COR01130ml R           990
Helase 50HEL00150ml R           525
Ovelle®D3 supplement
Ovelle®D3 60 capsulesOVE00160 caps R           695
Skin Essence150ml R           395
Ovaria30 sachets R           350
Hair Care
Pelo Baum Lash LashPEL0045ml R           530
Pelo Baum shampooPEL001150ml R           200
Pelo Baum ConditionerPEL002110ml R           200
Pelo Baum Revitalising SolutionPEL00360ml R           675
Lady PreloxPRE00360 caps R           499
Prelox ED 20sPRE00420 caps R           227
Prelox ED 60sPRE00260 caps R           636
Prelox FertiltiyPRE00160 caps R           636


Product NameVolume Price 
Enhance – A – Lash9g R         549
Eyelid Lift Platinum Collection14.5g R         379
Face It Foundation- Natural30ml R         369
Footsy100ml R         259
Hand Cream Omega 6 & 9100ml R         209
Paw Paw Body Toning Lotion200ml R         379
Quantum Elastin – Classic 50ml R         625
Scar Repair20ml R         209
Scar Repair100ml R         729
Sun Pro100ml R         485
Ultralite Massage200ml R         399
Ultramatte Daily Infusion50ml R         469
X-Treme Clean100ml R         329
The ZoneVolume Retail (Incl) 
Acne Attack Rescue Serume50ml R         459
Age Reversal Night Complex15ml R         189
Age Reversal Night Complex50ml R         519
Anti- Inflamm Ageing50ml R         549
Daily Intelligent Sebum Solver15ml R         169
Daily Intelligent Sebum Solver50ml R         499
Daily Radiant Boost15ml R         169
Daily Radiant Boost50ml R         499
Daily Ultra Defence15ml R         169
Daily Ultra Defence50ml R         499
Derma Deep Rich Cream Cleanser100ml R         349
Derma Zest Cleanser15ml R           95
Derma Zest Cleanser100ml R         349
Derma Zest Cleanser300ml R         799
Eye Opener Serum Revolution Eyz15ml R         459
Epi Genes Xpress30ml R         525
Laser Azu – Repair15ml R         265
Laser Azu – Repair100ml R         699
New Expressions 365 Under Eye Fix20ml R         559
Omega High Impact Night Complex15ml R         1789
Omega High Impact Night Complex50ml R         519
Pigment Perfector50ml R         5475
Post Op Pack50ml R         525
Quantum Elastin – Collagen Revival15ml R         249
Quantum Elastin – Collagen Revival50ml R         625
Rejuvoderm Night Maintenance50ml R         519
Scar Repair Forte20ml R         209
Scar Repair Forte50ml R         449
Scar Repair Forte100ml R         729
Sensorial Daily Protector15ml R         169
Sensorial Daily Protector50ml R         499
Super Smoother15ml R         195
Super Smoother50ml R         575
Tecno – 5 Resurfacer15ml R         259
Tecno – 5 Resurfacer50ml R         659
Instant Facial Lift Wonder Serum50ml R         679
Marine Replenishing50ml R         449
Neck & Breast Refining Complex50ml R         499
O/N Regenerative + Firming Masque50ml R         499
Slimming Sculpting Solution100ml R         699
**Prices are subject to change. Please confirm prices when placing order.

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